About Us

The group has developed out of the matrix company GRÚAS-ATLAS, founded in 1967 and dedicated to the equipment and machinery rental for digging and assembling of Wells and for the loading and unloading of equipment.

With the aim of providing a complete service, similar companies were created to complement all of our clients’ needs, and now these companies shine on their own and have increased their range of operations.

Today’s business owner requires safety and efficacy for the transport of his assets, and providing this type of service has been the reason behind our success. Currently, we offer the most modern equipment and with the greatest capacity in the country, providing services with ISO 9001-2008 Certification.

We have achieved sustained and substantial growth. Under the highest standards of timeliness, safety, reliability and quality in all of the services that we offer, both nationally and internationally. We are, without a doubt, the Ecuadorian leader in the market for our field. Our strength is the “know how” which has allowed us to become consultants for our clients. Their success is our success. Allow us to take your business to new levels. Welcome to the “ATLAS GROUP”.